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Content Writer
Content Writer Job in Srinagar Kashmir

How To Write
Solid grip on grammar and style
Excellent researching ability
Ability to write quickly and perform under tight deadlines
Must write in a variety of tones, on a variety of subjects, within a variety of structures
Strong knowledge of the field you wish to write about
Creative ability to generate content ideas

As you can see, pure writing ability is important, but far from the only qualification for becoming a content writer. Knowledge, creativity and writing speed are essential.
Just like the lazy panther looks for an easy catch for his dinner, your web visitor doesn’t want to make an effort to read your text.
Make your copy easy to read:
Use short paragraphs – four sentences max
Use short sentences – twelve on average
Skip unnecessary words
Avoid needless repetition
Emphasize quotes of customers (or experts) to add credibility
Play around with highlights, bold text, CAPS, or italics
Break a long headline into a headline with a sub headline
Change paragraphs into bullet points
Address your web visitors directly—use the word you
But the truth is that writing simple, useful copy is hard.
Don’t treat your web visitors like academics who love reading challenging and complicated texts. Don’t treat your web visitors like lawyers poring over small print. Don’t be wordy. And don’t show off your extensive vocabulary.
Instead make your text as simple as possible.
Don’t try to be everything to everybody. Know who you are and what you do.
If your positioning is clear, it’s much easier to stand out on the web and be found. If your message is clear, it’s much easier to create persuasive web copy.
Plagiarized content is bad for SEO, bad for your employers and even worse for you. Protect your reputation and your career by taking precautions. Before you submit your work, use an online program to check for plagiarism. With all the content out there, it's easy to accidentally duplicate writing.

Training: Things To Know For One of Our Project
What are we in the Work of: We are in the work of providing all possible help, every possible help and an ultimate help document that a usercan not get elsewhere. Help For a user to contact a business: All contacts, even those that google suggests but we do not find anywhere, even then we have to tell the user for other alternatives, we must say that there is no contact number for this, but this is not the end, you can contact them on their general number or on their email id, or on their website's contact us page or via social media pages like facebook profile page where user can send them message, or can post on their wall or in the form of comment. Even a user can send them Post Mail on their address, then we have to mention their address as well.
We must provide all related contact information that a user is looking for, e.g. Operating Hours, Time of calling, How to directly communicate with live customer service representative like Press 1, then Press 2 Then Again Press 1, In this way you can reach to a live customer service executive.
Search for other problems that most users have, HOW? write "How <space>  <-- <business name> " you will find question that most users have for this business. they need help for these issues, if not found a question like that then you can enter "How <business name> <SPACE>" in these suggestions you can also get idea of what users are looking for, seeking and searching for, Write about that in simple language and in steps. Give links to their chat page, contact us page, form or ticket submission page, or any other page where a user can send message to a business.
Other page links can be there if you find very useful for the user.
Don't write what is easy for you, but write what you can make easy for user.


How To Search Keywords:
1. Enter Title in, replace - (hyphen) by space if there is hyphen in title 2. write "customer service number " after title.
3. Note down all keywords, if there are more than 9 keywords, then contact me to discuss for keywords, if i am not present at the moment, keep it pending and enter the status as "Need Discussion". This type of entry is competitive, we have to discuss whether we need to do it or not, what will be the required length of content and what will be the keywords.
4. After entring title with customer service number, note down all keywords, if there are more than 9 keywords, then you need to press from a to z characters for getting keywords both at the end of search term and after the title before "customer service number". Now after it, get more keywords by removing "Number" in search term at the end, and note down all keywords, do same way as we did above. After It, remove "customer service" from the search term and enter "phone number" after search term, get all keywords by pressing between title and "phone number" and after search term. After it, just enter your title and "number", now press spacebar key between title and "number" to get more contact number keywords and note down them also.

5. Title Keyword Box:
Put around 4 (fillup completely the TitleSearchBox), It will be completely filledup by 3 or 4 or 5 keywords:
Which are Those Keywords:
These are most important keywords that appear at first when we searched by title + "Customer Service Number", If these are not enough, the we can put keywords of title + "Customer Service " (Pressing By SpaceBar Key at the end of search term and between title and "Customer Service "), If still not enough, Then the Keywords searched by title + "Phone Number" at the end or in between. If still not, then title + number, if still not then leave it blank.
6. Each character of abbreviation word must be in capital case in title and in content, even if not already done with supplied or assigned title.

Search By Changing Words in Title:
you can make changes in title to get more keywords. e.g. if you get title as "Viber App", then you have to search keywords by only "viber" because "viber app" or "viber" both is samething.
BGE Billing: should be searched by "BGE Billing" and "BGE Bill".
Digi 24 Hours: By "Digi 24 hours" and "digi"
Missguided USA : By "Missguided USA " and "Missguided "
Uber Uk: First update title, because "Uk" should be "UK"

Examples To Check:, Western-Union-Tracking, Moneypak, Google-Voice, Agoda-Malaysia, Astro

Heading of Keywords:
The heading must be specific, not descriptive, should never match with source from where you got the contact number with heading.
Heading must be put within strong Tags and number must be put in next line without any tag. then put blank line for next heading.
e.g. If you got the heading as:
"Moneypak International Customer Service Number" or
"Moneypak International Customer Service" or
"Moneypak International Phone Number" or
"Moneypak International Contact Number"
You must make it spacific, like "International (Other Country)" or " International" or "Foreign"
or "For Other Countries", sometimes you can write title with heading (full or partial) but not always.

If you want to describe uniquely describe the heading after number, you can, but the format must be:
heading in strong tag then enter, phone number then enter, description then two times enter to show a blank line after the completion of above para.

Again: Heading should never, never, never match fully with the source you copied from or you read from. Same with Content,
How we check duplicity(plagiarism or copyrite Issue), we put the sentence or heading in google within double quotes, if the google has shown result and this sentance or heading is there in bold (strong) format, then it is duplicate, or if not completely match but most keywords of the sentence match, then it is also duplicate. One who is caught in doing so, will be fined by the amount decided management and also an action will be taken, once who is found in doing so, has to rewrite all the content in spare time, or in the time for which he will not be paid for, all of his old content will be rechecked. he can lose job as well without prior notice.
Duplicate content is poison for a website, it will dash it into the ground within days. Allah forbid if such a thing happens, the guilty person will be responsible for all the loss and will be fined by proper prosecution.

How & What the Content Should be After Contacts:
The content after contact numbers must be descriptive in a paragraph or bullet format under a Descriptive Heading Tag of H3. (This time heading should not be specific like heading of contact number).
What To Write About:
Not about the business, but a help for a user that he needs while interacting and using the services of the service provider.

Best Support By Content:
We must know what questions, quires and issues user have in using the service of service provider.
How Can We Get That: e.g. if the service provider is Alipay titlle = Alipay Customer Service Number.
goto google write "alipay", now take your cursor left most end and write "How" (What, When, Where, Why), it will list all questions that users of alipay are looking for, choose some questions and answer them, you can find answer in google by searching by it.
Another Method: Service providers provide help docs in their site, but how can we locate them, again we need to open google and tell google to give us all pages where title of any page of website of alipay contains "how", or "help", "faq", "support",
How can we do that: write in google like this: intitle:'how ' , intitle:'help ', or intitle:'contact ', intext:'email ' (to get email support), or intext:'chat ', or intext:'phone '
Search Anywhere: then [contact] (means we tell google to find the word "contact" in any page of website)
(intitle means we tell google to search in titles of all pages of service providers website, intext means we tell google to search in text of all pages of service providers website, )

Heading should be like "How To Call Customer Service Executive ".
Heading must be put within h3 tags, then enter
List all the user friendly steps to avail help from executive. (Depends if you find anywhere)
If you find chat support by service provider:
the headings can be:
<h3>Chat Service Support For All Issues</h3> or
<h3>Is There Any Chat Service Support For us</h3> or
<h3>How To Use Chat Service Support Provided By [Service Provider Name]</h3> or
<h3>Simple Problem Solution By Chat Support With Customer Service Executive</h3> or
<h3>Can i Do Chat With Customer Care Executive to Get Answer of My Queries</h3> etc
Description: if the heading is question, you must answer in first line, then write down all steps to avail chat support, like open website "", you will find chat icon on right bottom of the webpage, please click to open chat window, fill up all required information, now submit you information, wait a bit to get respond from customer care executive, once you get reply from the executive, please ask thoroughly all queries one by one, please dont be impatient, you are talking to a live person not to a machine, once getting satisfactory reply please ask next question.
If there is any form submission for Complaint or Query or some other thing.
Then give a proper heading, and describe all the steps of doing so.

Other Headings with Description: We must try our best to make a help document for all the service that they provide with proper headings.
How To Subscribe,
Do you have Login Problem,
How to report fraud,
How can i reach to you physically or via mail: Specify Address and email,
Can i get Email Support: Describe with all email ids and their use.

Note: If you dont find enough support to write around 2000 characters, then you can Make headings of their service that they provide and Describe them. You can use service providers website link to help user to avail a facility on that particular page, but not more than 2 links in a page, and not in every entry that u do in a day.

Note: : open all pages of when ever you find them in search, in the last para within a heading, you will find number of contact numbers for various service that they have listed in descriptive fashion.

Note: If you Dont Find Contact Number or Answer of the Search Term that you got from google suggestion.
Even then, you can do that to tell them that the general number like <general number> is also used for this purpose, as a dedicated and specific number for this service location is not available.
e.g. see
What is the required Length of a para under a certain heading?
Not more than 10 lines and not less than 2 lines. if there are only two lines under a heading, then the heading must be kept within strong Tags not within H3 tags. H3 tag is for big paras and strong tag for small paras.

Can i see entry Live on the web After my submission to ensure good format:
Yes, After submittion, you will get a link of the entry you made recently, please click on it and see your live page to ensure good format.

Can i Update previous entry if i want so?
Yes, Just put that title in top title search box, click "get" button, you will get you entry, make changes, in the bottom of the box, there is update button, click it to save changes.

Habitual Sentences and Phrases:
Some people have habit of using a particular sentence or phrase again and again or in many entries that he does, that is also regarded as duplicate content and thin content (less user value) in the eyes of SEO. It has to be avoided.

Can i use same sentence in another entry which i used in some other entry before?
No, That is called "Duplicity Within Site" such a content does not rank well.

Is Comma Separated Words regarded as Duplicate?
Yes, A sentence with has more than 3 comma separated words which match with the source where he has read from is regarded as duplicate content.

What To Do in Such a Case?
In Such cases, if there are around 7 comma separated words, you will use only 3 to 4 with changing sequence.

How To Avoid Grammatical & Spelling Mistakes:
The CMS editor where you will write content will keep on checking for all grammatical and spelling mistakes that can be helpful for you. After the completion of your content before submitting, you have to select all content, cut it and paste it in microsoft work document for further mistakes. After correcting them, select all content from there, cut it, then paste in editor box and submit it.

Be Loyal with Almighty, Yourself, Google, Website Users and with US:
If you dont not write well or your write a false or fake sentence then it will remain forever on the web to make people astray. And it is a continuous sin on your account.
If you try to be over cleaver with you job in any way, please dont forget if it is not caught this time but certainly it will be caught in some other time as we check each page which does or does not rank well in google search. We have numerous tools like Webmaster Console, plagiarism checker, etc by which we ensure quality.

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