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We are in a business to create brands & build businesses.
Sara Informatics is a global IT services company committed to deliver end-to-end IT solutions and services to its customers worldwide. We integrate our vast experience across industry sectors with world-class technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure to offer business-friendly solutions. Sara Informatics has established itself as a leading company in the outsourcing arena with the rare advantage of having both domain expertise and intelligent business proficiency. Sara Informatics is globally recognized for its innovative approach towards delivering business value and its commitment to sustainability. Today we are a trusted partner of choice for global businesses looking to ‘differentiate at the front’ and ‘standardize at the core’ through technology interventions.
Our Mission

Mobility represents the future: how enterprises interact with customers, employees, partners and machines as we increasingly access the Internet and control the world from the palm of our hands, anytime and anywhere. Sara Informatics is one of the companies in the world that can deliver an end-to-end set of mobility solutions, connecting your mobility strategy to every other technology initiative in your organization. Keeping this in mind, we tailor our services to be mobility based services that is easy to use, accessible and flexible.

Mission – Simplicity

Sara Informatics make Software development easy and simple to use for the specific needs of its clients and provides them with excellent quality integrated products as well as services.

  • Appropriate setting and meets the specific needs of its clients.
  • Follows System development life cycle Process.
  • Easy and clear communications.
  • Single contact point for all the requests
  • transparent development and management processes.
Our Approach

Sara Informatics follows a very simple approach, that is to provide the best possible service to its clients in order to satisfy them and to work as a team with its clients. We create strong bond with our customers and offers them mobile app development with affordable price. When we start a new project, we first choose the best development team, including, QA specialists, designers and project managers and in case we need to increase the development team, we do so for the specific needs of its clients.

The main goals of Sara Informatics include:
  • Maintaining Collaboration between the client and the development team.
  • Create an ideal customer base.
  • Realistic with the expectations of its clients.
  • Encourage and support research on the history of the software industry.
  • Effective communication within the development team, that enables us to exchange experience and knowledge.
  • Identify people who have personal knowledge of events that shaped the industry and support the collection and preservation of their recollections.

Our approach presumes an ongoing work on the projects with planned expenses. If you have a fixed budget for your software project (or a part of the project), we can estimate the cost of app development in the following way. First we analyze the approximate scope of work and let you know if we can fit in the budget. Then we plan the iterations, build the product backlog, define the priorities and start the development. For a fixed budget we see how many iterations we can perform. On the last iterations we finalize the development, polish the product and prepare it for distribution.


The focus of the Sara Informatics is on the history of both the business and the technology because we believe that the vision and creativity required to identify, develop and serve markets for technology is just as crucial as the ability to develop the technology itself. So, while other groups are focusing on the collection of the software which is also important, Sara Informatics is approaching software history from the perspective of how companies identified market opportunities and requirements, developed the technologies needed and then created business models that could succeed in those markets.

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